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Excel (Microsoft and Mac)

  • ​​​compiling, generating, managing, and organizing spreadsheets to capture significant data (including familiarity with Excel formulas and functions)

  • formatting and creating visuals to describe data

  • pivoting data

Word (Microsoft and Mac)

  • formatting and page set up such as columns, headers, page breaks... etc.

  • smart art and text boxes for creating flyers, handouts, and other visual documents


Powerpoint (Microsoft and Mac)

  • creating attractive templates from basic design principles, understanding the importance of composition, color, and balance throughout a presentation

  • incorporating animation

One Note

  • creating a wiki (experience in business setting), inserting hyperlinks, and navigation bar

  • tracking and updating data

  • inserting attachments, sharing information across other networks

  • formatting and creating tables

Qualtrics, SPSS, and Tableau

  • Creating filters, parameters, and calculating data for visual interpretation

I'm very curious in nature, and as a result, am quite tech savvy. I have an affinity for learning quickly, integrating, and applying my technical skills in every aspect of my life. I am committed to learning, improving my performance, and innovating whenever possible, whether in the workforce or in my personal life. Below you will find some of the skills I've developed over the years:

technical skills

Computer Skills: Feature
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